Why our 300mm impulse heat sealer is our best selling product

Here at Spirepacks, we know what makes a heat sealer both effective and long-lasting, as well as reliable for any bag sealing needs that a variety of businesses and hobbyists face.  We provide a wide array of sealing and cutting equipment to benefit a variety of different bag sizes and purposes, and whether you’re sealing items in bags to be sold online, or if you are in need of effective sealing for medicinal supplies in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, we’re confident that you will find the right sealer for you in no time at all.  Our biggest seller by far, however, is our 300mm impulse heat sealer range – and it’s not difficult to understand why!

Some of its Features

300mm/12 Inch Impulse Heat Sealer With 5mm SealImpulse heat sealers are particularly effective and energy efficient as they provide heat as and when you need it – meaning that they are never likely to run down or break down easily from constant use.  The 300mm heat sealer is our most widely-purchased product not only for its efficiency and its direct heat sealing capabilities, but also for its price and its portability.  Unlike some heavy duty sealing equipment or other professional cutting devices, the 300mm impulse heat sealer can be transported from place to place as and when needed – and with a wide sealing length, width and film thickness to boot, you can be assured of a heat sealer that will be able to tackle the majority of bag sealing jobs without fuss.

No Fuss!

The 300mm impulse heat sealer is notable for its fuss-free start-up – unlike many other heat sealers and related tools, this sealer is ready to work for you whenever you need it with emphasis on ‘plug and go’.  This means that you don’t need to spend precious time waiting for the sealer to heat up before getting to work – as soon as you’re ready to seal, so is the sealer.  For many people, businesses and hobbyists alike, this is a huge boon – making it arguably our most sought-after sealer in our catalogue.

With an adjustable on-board timer and a helpful indication light, this sealer is as handy as it possibly can be in ensuring that your bags are sealed efficiently and to the standard you expect.  At a price which you will find hard to match elsewhere, it is not difficult to understand why the 300mm sealer is flying out of our stock on a regular basis.

If you’re new to bag sealing or the world of heat sealing in general, a great place to start is with Spirepacks – and with the 300mm impulse heat sealer, our best-seller and easily the most efficient piece of equipment we have for sale, you’ll be in safe, effective hands when it comes to sealing bags for any needs or purposes.  For more information on our range of equipment and services, contact us today on 01246 860200 or email us via web form at your convenience – and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

September 21st, 2016

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