Correct measures to maintain your heat sealer

Maintenance Kit For 200mm/8 Inch Impulse Heat Sealer - 2mm Seal mainWhile heat sealers are fantastic tools for ensuring that your bags and packets are always safely sealed and ready for public consumption, they’re not indestructible – very much the same with any technology – meaning that caring for any heat sealing equipment you buy or own will be the way forward to ensuring that you don’t need to pay out for further impulse sealers or repairs in future.  But how can you maintain a heat sealer?  Surely it’s simply a case of not using it too often, or too intensely?  It’s neither – you can use your heat sealer however you see fit – but you may do well to prepare for elemental breakdown if you are using your sealer more than occasionally.

Certain elements of a heat sealer are going to be subject to wear and tear as well as complete burn-out – think of it the same way you would any electrical equipment – while all of our sealers are built to last, one person’s level of usage may differ to the next. This means that it is always worthwhile to make sure you are prepared to undertake any repairs that may need to be made further down the line.  This means that, whether you’re handy with tinkering around with internal fixtures and fittings or not, you may need to open up your heat sealer to make a few adjustments here and there.

What can be replaced?

There are several components of a heat sealer that may need further scrutiny or replacement after considerable use – heating elements could become ineffective after long periods of use or after intense short-term usage, and other internal components such as Teflon strips or PTFEs may need replacement altogether. But how do you come across such items?  Is it a case of jumbling together various parts by shopping online or hunting in local DIY stores?  Not so – as Spirepacks has a far simpler solution to any maintenance woes you may be facing.

We hope that your heat sealer withstands the test of time – and they are certainly built to last heavy use – but in the event of a breakdown or wear and tear that prevents your heat sealing equipment from performing at is best, we offer a fantastic range of maintenance kits for sealers of all shapes and sizes available from our online store. These kits contain all the internal elements and components that you will need to ensure that your sealer can be brought back to full health and peak performance in a matter of minutes. No matter the style of heat sealer you own, nor shape or specification, we provide affordable and comprehensive self-help kits to allow you to make all the necessary repairs you need to without any stress or hassle.

For more information on maintaining your heat sealer, on our kits or our range in general, please visit us at Spirepacks call us on 01246 860200 or have a further look at our catalogue – and we are always here to make sure that your heat sealer does the job you need it to.

August 31st, 2016

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