Reasons to have an efficient heat sealer


Heat SealerMany industries depend upon well-sealed, airtight packaging to not only distribute products safely and securely, but also to ensure that everything is apportioned correctly and ready for general sale.  Package sealing is an essential part of many commercial businesses, from aiding the distribution of foodstuffs, homewares and accessories, through to essential medical care in blood transfusions and organ transplants.  A sealed bag ensures that the product inside has neither been tampered with nor affected by the elements since leaving the factory floor – meaning that the consumer can be assured of factory-fresh quality without fear of damage or spoiling having occurred along the way.

Having an efficient heat sealer – whether for commercial or private hobby purposes – makes all the difference when it comes to how much work can be completed and how much demand can be satisfied.  While the heat sealers and bag sealing operations of old will have required considerable time and effort to ensure that packages and bags were sealed and secured correctly and ready to transport products to the consumer, the rise in efficient and even portable heat sealing equipment has done nothing short of revolutionising the productivity and efficiency of the businesses and industries that depend upon a well-sealed package to allow for items and goods to reach their destinations freshly and safely.

The many uses of a heat sealer

This is especially important for medical supplies and even for tissue, blood or organ transplants.  An efficient and sterile heat sealer will enable the essential transplant to remain uncontaminated and sealed away from any external bacteria or outside elements that may render the human organ or supply unfit for purpose.  It is the advancement in heat sealing technology and efficiency that has arguably contributed to the astonishing turnaround in the supply of medicinal supplies to people in need all over the world.  A well-sealed package or bag can safely be transported worldwide without fear of any intrusive elements spoiling the transplant.

Impulse heat sealers are particularly efficient at getting the job done and are widely used in both commercial and private settings.  The difference for a business in using a quick and effective heat sealing device over a more laborious or manual method means a potential loss in essential trade, as supply will need to meet demands as quickly and as accurately as possible.  It is also the marked difference between competitors – to stay ahead of the game, only the most efficient supplies and equipment will do.  And when it comes to bag sealing, impulse heat sealers are the go-to tool on each and every occasion. 

Spirepacks have been providing affordable and effective heat sealing equipment and supplies to businesses and the public for a number of years, and we continue to provide a wealth of tools and accessories to help make heat sealing as quick and as painless as possible!  For more information on how we can help increase the efficiency and productivity of your sealing operation, call us today on 01246 860200 or take a further look at our range – and we’ll be happy to help you wherever we can!

July 5th, 2016

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