While impulse and traditional heat sealer and packaging equipment are fantastic at getting bags for all purposes sealed securely and safely – whether they be for public use, resale or even for medicinal purposes – it’s important to bear in mind that, when purchasing heat sealers, it is not always a matter of buying a model that is ‘one size fits all’. Anyone who regularly handles and deals with such packaging will be well aware that while you may be dealing with large packets and airtight bags one day, you may be required to work with smaller, thinner models on the next – this is why it is all the more important to make sure that you have the correct sealing equipment to offer both functionality and adaptability to the types of bag you are aiming to seal.

Heat sealers, luckily, come in a range of sizes, shapes and forms, meaning that any concern you may have about finding the right fit for your job will be short-lived – particularly if you opt to buy directly from Spirepacks. Here at Spirepacks we offer more in the way of choice and variety than any other dedicated sealer manufacturing firm or supplier, offering a superb range of impulse sealing solutions for almost any standard size of bag or packaging – and because our service and catalogue is dedicated to bag sealer and impulse sealer equipment, you can be assured of a level of expertise and dedication that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else on the internet, or even beyond!


Where can I buy Heat SealersSP 300 3mm heat sealer

With our large catalogue of heat sealers, sealing accessories and associated equipment, you can be sure to find the functionality and size specifications that you need for your project with both ease and with no detriment to your bank balance – meaning that you can find the exact sealer you need for less than you would expect to pay in store, or even online. Spirepacks offer a range of impulse heat sealing equipment ranging from 200mm, 300mm and 400mm up to 1000mm bag sizes, meaning that you can purchase only the size of equipment you need to finish the job – and if you work with a range of different pouch or bag sizes, buying multiple bag sealer devices won’t unbalance your budget – simply have a look at our superb range of sealers and accessories and you’ll be able to find your perfect tools in no time.

We understand that finding the right heat sealers for your project can be a difficult one, and it is with this that we aim to offer as broad a range of sealing equipment and accessories as possible, with the potential to cover as many different bag sizes as widely available in industry and public supply today. We pride ourselves on our range, our prices and our approach to customer care – if you require any assistance or further information on heat sealers and which equipment will work best for your project, simply call us on 01246 860200 and we will be more than happy to discuss your business or project needs in further detail with you!

April 18th, 2016

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