The importance of sealed packaging for products

In all walks of manufacture and supply, sealed packaging is widespread – and there are a whole host of reasons for this.  Many operations and businesses need to ensure that they seal their items and products securely and safely for public consumption and safe use – no matter where they may be used.  Using the correct impulse heat sealer to ensure a safe and sealed package is essential to ensuring that your company offers a product that will stay secured within transit and for various other purposes.Sealed packaging

Keeping It Together

Packaging that is sealed is essential for products that come in many parts, or in small pieces that could be easily lost.  This also works for any products that are prone to breaking apart in transit – meaning that a well-sealed packet or package will ensure that no damage is done during the transfer.


Some packaging – for example with blood transfusions – require airtight seals to prevent any contamination or risk of foreign bodies or liquids interacting with the package’s contents.  Sealed packaging will also protect against the intervention of moisture, dirt and other contaminants that could allow certain electrical equipment or accessories to become damaged or, at worst, invalidated altogether.  Good packaging seals out the elements as well as sealing in the product in question.

Transport Protection

As with the earlier point relating to keeping products together, transport can allow for a number of jolts or knocks that could damage items during transit.  Sealed packaging is used particularly in food transportation to avoid spoiling and spillage during transit, and sensitive or delicate items can be protected in the same manner.

Advertising and Labelling

Some products cannot be labelled or packaged with identifying or advertising labels without packaging that is sealed.  Secure packaging can be emblazoned with any number of helpful identifying information as well as promotional material, allowing the use of such packaging in this regard to work twofold.  Packaging of this kind can also easily carry identifying information for the sales portion of the chain, such as barcodes or serial numbers, and other details that can aid the storage and sale of the product.

Storage Efficiency

Well-designed packaging that is sealed is that which can be stored and stacked easily and safely in stores and supermarkets alike.  If the product in question is to be sold to the public, the aim will likely be to produce and ship as many to be sold as possible – and secure, tightly-sealed packages is certainly the solution if getting as much stacked on shelves as possible is the main aim.  The easier to stack and store, the more efficient the sales process will be at the end of the line.

There are many reasons as to why sealed packaging can help sell your products when done correctly – and there is no better way to seal a package safely, securely and efficiently than with a heat sealer from Spirepacks.  For information on the range we offer to small businesses and consumers alike, why not have a look at our online catalogue – or simply call us on 01246 860200 and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you!

May 16th, 2016

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